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"Farewell, my old friend. Whatever comes, I and mine will not go like lambs to the slaughter -- but like tigers!"

-Max Eisenhardt-

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on 23 Aug about 12 hours ago with 17N
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If you’re ever curious as to who is my favorite singer, it’s Billy Joel. Always Billy Joel. Billy Joel brings me joy, and sorrow, and is just brilliant. He is everything I want in a musical artist, and much, much more. There’s not a single song of his I dislike.

on 23 Aug about 13 hours ago with 1N
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I now own the entirety of the mediator series. Best. Day. Ever.

on 22 Aug about 18 hours ago with 2N
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people who trash talk the ice bucket challenge obviously do not know the devastating effects of als.

on 20 Aug about 2 days ago with 19N
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Yooooo…… Did I forget to mention that I bought the comic that I have on my shirt???

on 20 Aug about 2 days ago with 15N
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my mom and i call it the eye bra.

on 16 Aug about 1 week ago with 1N
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  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind AU but not between the OTP - between two other characters
  • MacGuyver or ‘all I need is chewing gum, a paperclip, two condoms, and a soda bottle to get away from these bad guys’ AU
  • 'I found a dinosaur egg' …. 'oh god did you not see
on 15 Aug about 1 week ago with 35N
I WANT A CHUCK!CHERIK AU LIKE YESTERDAY  |  PLEASE!!!!!!!!!  |  text post  |  

i own 101 CDs, have purchased 36 books in the past 9 months, and had to have three boxes to pack my DVDs prior to move.

i don’t even know any more…

on 15 Aug about 1 week ago with 1N
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on 15 Aug about 1 week ago with 46N
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These drinks are dedicated to Alex Summers and Steve Rogers.

on 14 Aug about 1 week ago with 6N
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