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"Farewell, my old friend. Whatever comes, I and mine will not go like lambs to the slaughter -- but like tigers!"

-Max Eisenhardt-

I’m planning on working on my queue this weekend.

on 11 Sep about 5 days ago
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  • 'the new handyman's hot so i'm gonna keep breaking stuff' au
  • 1940’s jazz club au
  • 'i'm having a shit day and you just crashed into my car so i was gonna give you hell but wow you're really hot' au
  • 'you just moved into my building so i'm gonna bring you something you probably…
on 11 Sep about 5 days ago with 4221N
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okay but are we all emotionally ready for a bald james mcavoy.

on 11 Sep about 5 days ago with 317N
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if you don’t like the text post edits anymore, you could always just

ignore them.
on 10 Sep about 1 week ago with 3N
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people have a lot of faith in my ability to make good choices.

on 9 Sep about 1 week ago
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folllow-the-spiders: Obviously you don't have to if you don't want, but it would be amazing if you could do a Sean Cassidy + Text Posts thingy:D

I will definitely think about that!

on 9 Sep about 1 week ago
on 24 Aug about 3 weeks ago with 12N
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twitter rps are amazing, and it is literally where I flesh out or get 99.99% of my headcanons

on 24 Aug about 3 weeks ago
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{marvel text posts - 1/?}

on 23 Aug about 3 weeks ago with 356N
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If you’re ever curious as to who is my favorite singer, it’s Billy Joel. Always Billy Joel. Billy Joel brings me joy, and sorrow, and is just brilliant. He is everything I want in a musical artist, and much, much more. There’s not a single song of his I dislike.

on 23 Aug about 3 weeks ago with 2N
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